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Sasha celebrated her 2nd birthday June 6, 2006 and, with all that has gone on, its hard to believe it is only 2 years. The seriousness of the complications during her second surgery in December made this birthday a wonderful surprise. Before the second surgery, Sasha was on an upward trajectory, growing and developing, happy, starting to walk, eating more than expected of most Alagille Kids. After her long recovery post second surgery, we are just happy to be together. These pictures introduce you to our little peach up to just days before her surgery when we took her toboganning for the first time.

Um, What's Up - Sasha's First Tobogan Dec 11 Yipee - Sasha ends run as Sam bounds up - Dec 11 - Yipee Walking home from Winston Churchhill Reservoir Dec 11
Sasha Crib Dances Dec 3 Bella delicious Dec 3 Sasha Bella and the Crib Music Box Dec 3
Hoollah Girl - Sasha's First Halloween Oct 2005 Do like Mom That's Funny!
Oct 25 Oct 25 Sasha walks - Oct 26
Oct 25 Oct 25 Oct 25
Hammock August 27 2005 Paint Lake August 28 2005 With brush August 18 2005
First Birthday Cake - June 6 2005 Sash and Sammy June 17 2005 Water world July 25 2005
Granny Marcia Blumberg with Sasha SashBedash (ing) in pink felt set Jonathan, Sasha, Pamela
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Sasha Bella Stein Blumberg born April 6 2004 at 3.50pm EST at Mount Sinai Hospital Toronto and glowing mother Sasha Bella with Lynn April 11 10.21 am Daddy and Sasha June 11 3.54pm
Stein / Blumberg - Pamela and Jonathan are thrilled to announce the birth of their daughter Sasha Bella born on Sunday, June 6, 2004 at 4.45 p.m. weighting 6lbs . 1 oz. Sasha is welcomed by elated grandparents Lorna Stein, Henry and Marcia Blumberg, great-grandmothers Ruth Stein and Bertha Klar and numerous aunts, uncles and cousins. Sasha is named in loving memory of Jonathan's great-great-grandmothers Sarah Altshuler and Sarah Sacks and Pamela's father Bruce Stein. We welcome our beautiful protector with love and laughter together in a new wonderful life.