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From birth, Sasha's care has been coordinated by her cardiologist Dr Jennifer Russell and the Cardiac Floor of Sick Kids has become a second family for Sasha. Dr Russell pulled out a drawing of Sasha's cardiac condition in the Neo Natal Intensive Care Unit, showing the lack of pulmonary artery, the tiny collatorals, and describing the risks in proceeding with surgery. That was when it first sank in that Sasha was no quick fix. We waited anxiously while Dr Russell conferred with the team to see if one of the surgeons would take her on. Thankfully Dr Glenn Van Arsdell did and this setup a series of catheterization studies followed by a first successful heart surgery at three months.
Goodbyes from the nurses and doctors of 4D
Dear Sasha, Pam, Jonathan, it was a great honour to meet 3 people as courageous and wonderful as you. You will be my thoughts...I will never be able to eat ice the same. Derek

Dearest Sasha, my favourite memory of you is your big toothy smile with round chubby cheeks & eyes brighter than stars! Your Hi's! would make my heart happy. To see you so happy heading out in your pram for a promenade would light up the ward. You will always have a special place in my heart for all that I have learned from you in your too-short time here. Thank you for this gift. Love Julie

It has been my pleasure to look after you for the past few months We come along way with lots of stories and laughs and me trying to teach you to say "Riley", with some success I believe. I will miss your beautiful smile and the little "Hi's" from down the hall. You will be in my thoughts and prayers. Love Riley

It was wonderful to have met you and be a part of lives here at Sick Kids. Your strength and courage amaze me. Your presence will be greatly missed here. Amanda

It has been an honour to be part of a team that is involved with such an amazing family - you 3 are a team! Your spirit will remain with us all, and my thoughts & prayers are with you. Sincerely, Mary

I cant imagine the difficulty of your journey. Your strength and positivity is incredible. I will miss your smiling faces around here. You will be in my thoughts and prayers. Love, Laura
Dear Sasha - I'm going to miss you you around here because I love when you tell me "night-night" and I love how chewing ice makes you so happy! Pam, Jonathan and Sasha - you are a wonderful family & have touched me with your strength, positive attitude and patience. I've enjoyed every shift I've spent with you. I'll be praying for you all. Love Rebekah

Dear Pam and Jonathan. You are wonderful parents to an amazing little girl. It has been an honour to care for you all over the years. Love Judith

Wonderful to have met all of you. Will miss seeing you Sasha's smiling face and all your humour as a family. Keep you humour and grace. Love, Janelle.

Thank you for your patience with us ; always so understanding and accepting. I pray in time you will find peace ; I have also learned so much from you and will keep those qualities you've embodied close to my heart. I will really miss your spirit. God bless you all. Love, Julie.

It's been a privelage to know you. You are a great family and it has been an honour to know you. Take care, Christine
I will miss you and your wild hair (it runs in the family). I will think of you and smile. Love, Paula

I will miss you. But I am happy you are going home. Keep smiling girlfriend! Love, Sharon
Dear Sasha. Words cannot describe how beautiful and cute you are. You will remain in our minds forever. Pam and Jonathan, Let the Lord bless you with all the blessing of heaven. You are a great symbol of strength to us all. Love Jozaphine

Dear Sasha, I'm happy that eventually I got a smile along with that chip ... I'll always remember that. Dragos

Thoughts as warm as sunlight spilling though a window are with you today. You have made a lasting impression on my life. Love Grace

Hi Sweet Girl, I went to you website this morning, as I often do, to see if Mommy and Daddy had posted any new pictures of you. And to my pleasant surprise, there were new pictures, videos and lots to read. I saw that a few nurses and docs had posted messages to you and I wanted to chance to do the same. Sasha Bella, you are the sweetest, most precious little girl that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Your smile brings a special light into the lives of those who have been lucky enough to be in your company. Spending time with you and your mom and dad has truly been a wonderful experience that will stay with me forever. I just wanted to let you know that you hold a very special place in my heart. Although I miss seeing you and your fabulous "Beach hair", I am so happy that you are at home with your family. Kiss Mommy and Daddy for me, Your Friend...Lauren